How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

You’ve got yourself a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones and a Sony PlayStation 3. How do you get them to mingle? In other words: how do you connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS3 console?

Believe it or not, it’s a really simple process but there is some setup that’s necessary for the device to function properly. After all, you wouldn’t want to blow someone’s ears out or be unable to be heard by your friends.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

Your PS3 has the uncanny ability to “speak” with Bluetooth devices, in this case, headphones. And with these headphones, you can speak with your friends as you gun down the opposing faction or just to chill out. The best part about Bluetooth headphones: no wire necessary.

1. Start by powering on your PS3 with the Power button located in the front of the console or by pressing and holding the PlayStation button on your DualShock 3 controller.

2. Once the PS3 is powered on, move about the XMB and highlight Settings. It’s the toolbox icon.

3. Once Settings has been highlighted, scroll down the menu and highlight Accessory Settings. After it’s highlighted, select it with the “X” button.

4. Within your Accessory settings, highlight and select “Manage Bluetooth Devices.” This will provide the necessary setup to pair your Bluetooth headphones.

5. In order for your PS3 to pick up on your Bluetooth device, you need to place your headphones into “pairing mode.” Located on your headphones is a button. That button is the pairing button. Press and hold in the pairing button. The LED will flash a few times and then remain solid. It’s ready to connect.

6. Your PS3 will prompt you with this message, “There are no Bluetooth devices registered. Do you want to register a device?” Choose Yes. On the next slide, select “Start Scanning.” Since your Bluetooth headphones are already in pairing mode, it should pick them up immediately.

7. Select your Bluetooth headphones from the devices available.

8. Your next step is to provide the pass key. The headphones come with one in the manual, but usually it’s something like “0000.” If you don’t have the manual, a simple Google search can unearth one.

9. You’ll know you were successful if you get a confirmation page that states “Register completed.”

Tweaking Your Bluetooth Headphones’ Settings on PS3

Your Bluetooth headphones are now registered, but not quite ready for use. Before you use them, tweak your settings. If you have a friend who can join your party, that would be great, but if not, use the on-screen information.

Before you start, make sure your Bluetooth headphones are turned on. Failing to do so will result in a greyed out menu.

1. Move about the XMB back to your Settings. Once highlighted, move down to Accessory Settings again. Go ahead and select it with the “X” button.

2. This time around you’re going to locate and select “Audio Device Settings.”

3. With your Audio Device settings opened, you’ll take notice of a few menu options. Start by selecting Input Device and choose your newly connected Bluetooth headphones.

4. When you select your headphones, you will have noticed “Output Device” matches “Input Device.” This means all mic audio–just people speaking–will be directed to your headphones. If you want your party audio to, say, come from your TV, then change Output Device to System Default Device.

[NOTE]: Other devices can provide output audio, too, like a receiver–so long as it’s been connected properly. It will appear as an option. Just alter your in-game volume to compensate for the additional audio or else it will be difficult to hear your friends.

5. Now test the volume of your mic. At the top you’ll see a black bar with several notches. As you speak, that bar will fill up. The further to the right it goes, the louder you are to other people. Use Microphone Level to adjust accordingly. If you have a buddy in a voice party, adjust it and have them relay back to you how it sounds.

[NOTE]: A good medium is setting your Microphone Level to about 3.

6. Lastly, highlight and select OK to finish up.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, a fresh pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to your PlayStation 3 console. Now that they’ve been connected and your audio settings are set, anytime you join a voice chat or you’re in-game, people will hear you. They may not say the nicest things when you speak, but that’s just the nature of online-connectivity.


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